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Born in Milwaukee in 1912, Nunn Bush was launched with the goal of creating fine men's shoes at affordable prices. Over 100 years later we continue to rely on our Midwestern values of hard work and fair play. Today, whether it's classic, contemporary, dress or casual, the Nunn Bush name has become synonymous with quality, comfort, value and style.

To provide versatile products which combine modern, understandable style with superior comfort for today's value conscious consumer.

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Nunn Bush

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    Our process begins and ends thinking about our customers, who they are, what they do, and what they need. With this in mind we create designs to fit their lifestyle. On the one hand we are constantly incorporating new footwear technology to improve the comfort and durability of our shoes, on the other we stay up with or ahead of the latest fashion trends. Striking the right balance between the two has been the key to our success.

    This is why at Nunn Bush, whether it is a dress or casual style, our shoes are designed to feel as good as they look.

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