About Us

Watsdascoop aims to be more than your run of the mill social site.  Forget the likes of Facebook and Twitter with their limited scope.  Watsdascoop offers much more; you can blog, you can create videos and share them, you can create a personal page with many options, you can open your own shop and much much more.  Watsdascoop is the place to be on the internet.

NOTE: One of our pride & joys will be the functionality of our store module. It will allow authors to create their own shop & get IPN (Instant payment notifications). We will not touch ANY earnings from any AUTHORS or any VENDERS. You can build your online store however you desire to. This feature is currently being worked on and then tested. 

We are currently not accepting any users due to the fact that this site is still being developed & tested. 

We will also be incorporating "CHAT Room" capabilities.

Many more cool features will be added to the site! cool

Here are four video editing programs that we might use to offer the authors, so they can create trailers for their books. We don't own them, we just recommend them for now. One is open source and will cost you nothing. The other is used by reliable sources and 3rd one seems to be simple, but there might be a small fee to use it.

OpenShot Video Editor


Adobe Premiere Clip

Open Broadcast Software


Free Desktop Recorder Streaming Video Software

Desktop Recorder

We use Screencast-O-Matic